So you’ve chosen to sell a precious stone. You may realize the amount you got it for, and know that, much like a vehicle, the resale esteem won’t be as near the sum you paid for it as you’d like it to be. You may even have a report from you gem dealer or an evaluating lab that subtleties the nature of your stone, yet how might you make sense of what amount of it’s extremely worth? What’s more, in case you don’t know what it’s value how would you realize a purchaser isn’t exploiting you? This is actually why we made Worthy: we saw a requirement for an administration that enables buyers to achieve the discount purchasers that represent considerable authority in pre-possessed gems with a group of jewel specialists (that is us!) supporting for them and their stone.

One way that we guarantee you are getting the most ideal arrangement is by giving a complimentary reviewing from . We composed this article to clarify why purchasers trust the name more than some other evaluating lab out there. It is notable among individuals from the precious stone industry that evaluating reports can change definitely, and  is perceived as an expert by the sorts of purchasers you need offering on your thing. We asked our Chief Gemologist, Roy Alberts, to impart his mastery to us, in this way, here it is, all that you have to think about how decides the nature of a precious stone and why we at Worthy give these reports to our venders.


The evaluating reports issued by  (Gemological Institute of America), are perceived as the most regarded and fair-minded detailing in the precious stone industry. With objectivity and ability as its trademarks,guarantees the uprightness and precision of each reviewing report it issues. A report from is a specialist, un-one-sided explanation of a precious stone’s personality and quality attributes.

A GIA report isn’t an evaluation of monetary esteem; rather it is a confirmation of the precious stone’s quality, with clear divulgence if the material is common, engineered or treated to upgrade or change its appearance. The report gives the sort of proof that is imperative for comprehension and assessing a precious stone in order to have the capacity to make a sure jewel deal.

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