Since the start of the year, everybody in the Spanish-speaking SEO world has been changed by this new website design enhancement CantineoQueTeVeo challenge that offers vital prizes and even an opening for work for whoever accomplishes in front of the pack. ➡ Find out what it’s about, how to take an interest and what the principles are for this challenge.

What is Cantineoqueteveo?

This is a situating challenge sorted out by the organization Cantina Marketera whose watchword to position is cantineoqueteveo , over the span of this article we will disclose to you well about this challenge supports all Spanish-speaking SEOs to attempt new things and examination procedures with web results.

The most effective method to take part, principles and conditions

Any individual and/or organization can take an interest as it is totally free for everybody, obviously the individuals who have more prominent information of SEO will be the well on the way to win the cantineoqueteveo. The standards have been all around characterized by the maker of this challenge Jose Marquez.

New areas: Only those spaces enrolled after the dispatch date (February 19, 2019) without past connections will be permitted to take an interest. Terminated areas are not permitted, in other words those that have a past in the web, there must not exist any information of that space in (joins) nor past to the date of start of the challenge.

Blogger, WordPress and different stages: For the reasons clarified in the past point, the subdomains in these administrations of online journals 2.0 and comparable are not legitimate in spite of the fact that they can be utilized as a procedure to create joins.

Join with an email: Another necessity to enter this challenge is to buy in utilizing this structure: Registration Contest SEO Canteen 2019

Ta is your time auque you ‘re cantineo that I see you

It is your minute Do not miss it on the grounds that there will be no other similitude. Unquestionably you will have different challenges, yet not so much cantineo that I see you, yet more at the dimension of cantineo that I don’t see you. You can remark on these articles and discharge your deepest and most concealed self. It isn’t vital that you remain inside yourself, interestingly, it is the cantineoqueteveo challenge in addition to cantineo of all Madrid.

Brand Domains: All accessible expansions that incorporate the watchword are legitimate (For instance:

Why Cantineoqueteveo?

In spite of the fact that the appropriate response may be José Marquez and his group, for the most part by past search engine optimization challenges we can accept that the name originates from a concocted word, for this situation Cantineo Que Te Veo, to advance your image through and potentially win a few connections for your organization.

Who created Cantineoqueteveo?

José MarquezThe designer of this situating challenge and in charge of the honors is José Marquez, proprietor of sites and organizations extremely perceived inside the Internet just like the instance of SeoBox, Foro20 (Black cap website design enhancement), Prensarank, Linkapress, among others. From its workplaces in Madrid, Spain has accomplished overall ubiquity and today we can say that it is a standout amongst the most powerful SEOs.

Prizes for the champs

The absolute aggregate in prizes adds up to 10000 € and will be appropriated in various sums as per the situation of each triumphant search engine optimization. Moreover, everybody will have free access temporarily to the SEOBOX instrument and an EXTRA PRIZE of work in a perceived organization for whoever accomplishes the primary spot.

Ahead of all comers in 7000€ + SEOBOX a half year + EXTRA PRIZE

Second spot in 2000€ + SEOBOX 3 months

Third spot in 1000€ + SEOBOX multi month

End date of website optimization challenge

The challenge was propelled on February 19 and finishes following more than two months, for example May 6, 2019.

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